Steve Buchanan

Is Arizona's Staff All On The Same Page?

I was going to make a case for last week's opening game against Hawaii as possibly the worst opening game for Arizona football I can remember. Of course, then I though about the opener against Penn State in 1999, and I guess that has to be one of the most deflating of losses, considering the high pre-season ranking by SI.

This game reminded me of last year's opener, against BYU. But this was worse. Much, much worse. Last year BYU beat Hawaii by 26 points, while beating Arizona by 5. Both games appeared winnable games for Arizona. Arizona was at home against BYU, appeared to have better talent. Arizona appeared to have better size and speed and talent than Hawaii, but their offense, despite 4 interceptions just boat raced Arizona and they couldn't ever catch up.

Our staff has been consistently outcoached last year and in the first game this year and doesn't seem to be able to make the critical decisions at key times. Little things add up to wins. I see disturbing trends that I don't think get better because they are the decision making in the game itself and the product of pre-game planning that seems shoddy.