Steve Buchanan

Lack Of Accountability

Last summer I had the opportunity to play golf with Dick Tomey and another friend. We covered a myriad of subjects, and as in previous opportunities I had to spend time with him, I asked a bunch of questions.

One statement I made was in reference to his history here at Arizona for 14 years. I said; "I listened to every post game show, after every game when you were coach here. Every time the team won, you gave the credit to your staff and your players, but every time the team lost, you took personal responsibility and took the ENTIRE blame for the loss yourself."

Dick Tomey replied; "I learned that from Bear Bryant. I went to a coaches seminar in which he was speaking, years ago, and he told us that the Head Coach is ultimately responsible for the loss. When you lose, YOU own it, but when you win, spread the credit around to the players and your assistants."

"I never forgot that, and it's true. People supporting your program expect you to be accountable. Nothing else is important."

What a contrast to the press conference of Kevin Sumlin on Monday, September 2. Not a bad conference, but instead of taking responsibility for the debacle himself, he cited once again the need for consistency, as in; "we need to be more consistent." That is the theme for this year, I guess.

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This is leadership 101. Thanks for the reminder Steve - that is exactly how I remember him. Next time you have chance, ask ANY former player about him.