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Fans, Social Media React to Miraculous Game Winning Shot

UC Riverside escaped Tempe with a one-point victory over the Arizona State Sun Devils after sinking one of the most memorable shots in recent college basketball history.

What happened on Thursday surely could have been prevented. 

The Arizona State Sun Devils were stunned by UC Riverside 66-65 on Thursday night after the Highlanders threw a prayer up with 1.7 seconds remaining. That prayer was answered, and Desert Financial Arena, which was loud and rocking following what everyone thought would be the game-winning shot from Luther Muhammad to push Arizona State into the lead. 

However, UC Riverside was able to get a clean shot off from its side of halfcourt after forward Marcus Bagley made an unsuccessful steal attempt, and left an entire arena full of Sun Devils fans shocked.

Before we get to the reactions of fans and others across the country, let's take a look at the reactions from Arizona State's team

Arizona State Reacts to Buzzer Beater

Head coach Bobby Hurley: "The one downside is they got three chances to do that last play that they did score on, which is a little bit disappointing. I think we deflected the first one, which would have effectively ended the game. (Junior forward Alonzo) Gaffney got a tip on it, and then they threw it off the kid’s hands and it went out of bounds. 


"But we didn’t get the clock organized, so they kept resetting the game, and there you have it. So tough way to lose. Guys are very disappointed, but I just thought they played better overall.

"The officials told me that if I’m angry, I should be angry at the scorer’s table for not getting the clock set properly. That’s what I was told.

Marcus Bagley: "I don’t know what I was thinking. It was an instinctual play, a stupid play. I should’ve put a hand up, contested the shot, but I thought I had the angle on it. I’ve learned from it now, but it was a stupid thing to do."

Arizona State Fans, National Media React

Needless to say, a wide array of reactions and thoughts spilled over to social media following the loss. 

Arizona State now hopes to bounce back after three days off in a home meeting with North Florida on Monday.