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A Whopping Mess: No Excuses from Sam Pittman, but Big Cleanup Started Monday

After a 37-0 loss to Georgia, the Head Hog wasn't making any excuses at his press conference but was trying to start clearing the mess

Sam Pittman doesn't make excuses.

He did offer some explanations of Arkansas' 37-0 loss at Georgia on Saturday, which is basically cleaning up what was a complete beatdown.

The offensive line and special teams were the most glaring problems between penalties and getting the fourth punt blocked in the last 15 games.

"Scott and I have talked about it, and I said, ‘We just cannot have another blocked punt,’" Pittman said Monday. "It’s just crushing us and he knows that and I know that. The whole fans know that."

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It was some sort of technical problem that keeps happening, for whatever reason. In case you're wondering, here's the explanation for nerds:

To break down all that coach speak is actually much simpler.

The Bulldogs out-schemed the Razorbacks, they didn't adjust and even the punter screwed up.

"We have to be ready for looks that we haven’t seen and that we’re sound in whatever that is," Pittman said. "We’re going to do something a little bit different this week and see if that can’t get us to where we don’t have one blocked."

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The offensive line had issues, too. For a team that has to run the ball to have any success, A net of 75 yards was after 28 in losses was subtracted.

Changes may be made there.

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"Every week you look at your personnel," Pittman said. "You certainly want to get the best players you can on the field. What you do is learn from a game like this. You learn as a coach what you did wrong as well.

"You can’t just say Georgia is that good, but they are so you have to figure out is our personnel strong enough to block elite players."

No, the Hogs aren't ready to move into the conversation for a title. What took a decade to run into the ditch and get stuck in the mud it's going to take longer than 15 games to sort it out.

Judging by how the Hogs play against the best teams in the country isn't going to look particularly well for a while longer. But there should be improvement against teams at the next level like Ole Miss.

If there isn't then it might be time to be concerned.

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