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Sam Pittman Will Want to Throw Ball When Hogs Can't Run Effectively

From tone of Arkansas coach Sam Pittman at Monday's press conference, he isn't too concerned about the passing numbers right now.

The question for Sam Pittman at Monday's press conference was simply what it was going to take for the passing game to put up bigger numbers.

"It's going to take us not to rush for 7 yards a carry," he said.

Why throw when you can run? Fans like to see the ball flying around the field, but most coaches will hand it off until the defense sells off to stop that.

Pittman's view isn't that different.

"If I'm averaging 7 yards a carry I'm never going to throw the football," he said. "If I'm averaging 2 I may light it up."

He admitted later he was trying to have some fun with that answer, but it was clear changing that opinion was not part of the discussion.

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And he's confident the offense can handle a change when it becomes necessary.

"KJ (Jefferson) can do that," Pittman said. "He'll only get better and it starts with him getting confidence in running the football. It makes us a better football team."

The Razorbacks rushed for 333 yards officially. The actual number was over 340 yards when you add back the kneel-downs Malik Hornsby had at the end of the game. All that counts as rushing.

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What Pittman did discover was he had four running backs that showed they can find the holes in the offense the Hogs are trying to run (and it is up to the running back to find the hole that opens up after the play starts).

Trelon Smith, Dominique Johnson, Raheim "Rocket" Sanders and AJ Green all put up numbers in a never-ending pounding that finally wore down the Longhorns' defensive front.

"They all bring something different to the game," Pittman said. "Rocket's got more speed, edginess to his game, Dominique can make you miss, AJ's REALLY fast and you saw that the other night.

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"Then Smitty is Smitty. He's physical, runs hard and is a leader."

Until somebody stops them, Pittman is going to ride with them, it appears. Just don't ask about the order.

"I look for us to put the best back in the game until he gets tired, then we'll put the next one in there," Pittman said. "It worked out well the other night."

As long as it works out that way, everybody will be good with it.

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