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Catching Passes Wasn't Treylon Burks' Favorite Play in Win

Arkansas' star wide receiver got chance to show KJ Jefferson how to run option

Some folks struggle with it, but Treylon Burks really is more focused on winning games than whatever his numbers are.

In Arkansas' 34-17 win over Missouri on Friday, his seven catches for 129 yards (including a 52-yard scoring play where he ran past a defensive back again) wasn't what he was most excited about.

"I’m not going to lie to you,” Burks said on Arkansas’ postgame radio show. “(I was thinking) that I’m probably fixing to score right here."

He ran an option play, made a late pitch to running back Raheim Sanders, who turned on the after-burners down the right sideline and sneaked into the end zone for what looked like a simple 7-yard scoring play.

Nope, not really.

It was the best execution of an option pitch by a Razorback in years.

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"The option, no doubt," Burks said later while sitting next to quarterback KJ Jefferson. "Show (Jefferson) how to do it and score a touchdown.

"It just felt good to go out there and run that play. We've worked it throughout the week really hard and to actually get to run it and it worked means a lot."

At times during the game Burks hobbled off the field. He came out in the second half and they had obviously done some re-taping on his ankles because they had some ugly black tape on but it didn't affect his play.

"Running that option, wasn't that beautiful?” Sam Pittman said later. “He held it long enough, pitched it to Rocket. The great thing about Burks is him doing that was just every bit as important to him as if he would've been the guy who scored the touchdown."

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