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Changing Things This Year: Arkansas Defense Will Add Some Wrinkles This Year

Last year, defensive coordinator Barry Odom was a nightmare for Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral, but the approach has some new wrinkles this year

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral is probably sick of hearing about it.

When you throw six interceptions in a game and two of them are returned for touchdowns, well, any quarterback is going to hear about it for awhile.

Just don't look for Arkansas to try the same thing this year.

"We can't do identically what we did last year," Sam Pittman said at his Monday press conference. "If we do he'll pick us apart. We'll certainly put some wrinkles in there on defense."

The Rebels probably wish Hogs defensive coordinator Barry Odom would try the same defense two years in a row.

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Fans tend to forget at times the other team has coaches that are paid pretty well, too, and their players are on scholarship just like the Razorbacks. They've probably looked at the Arkansas game last year until they are sick of it.

Corral may be the best quarterback in the country this year. He's one of the frontrunners for the Heisman Trophy ... or at least he was before running into Alabama.

The way he's being used seemed to be a little surprising to Pittman because he's been passing.

"They're not running as many designed runs with him as I thought they might," he said. "I'm sure the reason for it is because when he throws it there's a lot of yards gained."

But the Hogs are preparing for it anyway.

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"We're going to have to set the edge on him," Pittman said. "He obviously can take off running up the middle on us as well. We're going to have to push the pocket on him and set the edge where there's really nowhere else to go. We have to move him.

"If he stands in the pocket, he'll pick us apart. We know that."

Pittman wasn't giving Ole Miss anything to use as motivation. But he saw how Corral handled the situation after handing the Hogs six interceptions last year.

"He's just a fine, fine player," Pittman said. "I went back and watched his interview after our game. I'm sure he's going to be really excited to play us.

"In his words he didn't play very well against us."

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The chess match between Odom's defense and Kiffin's offense is the most interesting storyline of this one.

That's mainly because of what happened last year. This year will be different.

Exactly how it changes could be interesting to watch.

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