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Close Win Proves Nothing: Ole Miss' Kiffin Wasn't THAT Happy

Lane Kiffin was glad to get win over Arkansas but looking more at what Rebels can fix going forward

Coaches are normally pretty happy after scoring 52 points and getting a win.

Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin was more concerned with giving up 51 to Arkansas and surviving more than anything else.

"There is a process that you want to play well and we did not, obviously, in certain areas," he said later.

Whether or not he thanked Razorbacks coach Sam Pittman after the game for having a win-or-lose 2-point conversion attempt isn't known.

But both defenses were worn out. Pittman didn't think the Hogs could keep the Rebels from just scoring with ease and keeping their already tired defense on the field too much.

"We stopped on one play in the second half," Kiffin said with a shrug. "That's a good thing at the right time. But we've got a lot of work to do."

The 52-51 offensive explosion by both teams ended up having more riding on it than originally thought after both teams lost last week to Georgia (the Hogs) and Alabama (Ole Miss).

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Kiffin, though, like Pittman was more worried about his defense being gashed for over 600 yards.

"Obviously, there are some discouraging parts when 676 yards you give up to an offense that didn't score last week," he said. "When you want a championship program, you don't sit here and say everything is great just because you win the game ... because one play goes your way."

He better get it fixed fast, just like Arkansas faces. The Rebels have Tennessee this week while the Hogs host Auburn.

"It's a lot better than having a lot of work to do and not winning and being on the other side with the last play going the other way," he said.

Pittman doesn't have that going his way.

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