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Catalon, Crawford liked Hogs' practice on first day of classes

Arkansas went outside in the heat on a day when temperatures climbed over 90 degrees.

It was hot Monday afternoon, but that didn't keep Arkansas indoors as the players worked in shells.

"It looked good," safety Jalen Catalon said later. "We were focused for the most part, and I think we came with the right mindset."

Catalon admitted later they are holding him out of contact drills. He's had shoulder problems and nobody wants the hard-hitting safety out for the Sept. 4 opener against Rice.

Monday was the first day of classes in Fayetteville and the first time back on the field after a long 150-play scrimmage Saturday.

"Everybody was still trying to get back from the scrimmage we had Saturday and trying to get their bodies back, so our schedule looked like that," Catalon said. "We kept it a little light but at the same time we were in full attack mode.

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"Coach always emphasizes that every team goes through it, has the first day of class along with football practice, so how are we going to separate ourselves?"

Jaquayln Crawford, who is seeing the most significant reps he's had after sitting out following a transfer from Oklahoma, didn't think classes were a distraction.

"Everybody has school," Crawford said later. "Practicing after school is part of it. We just had long days of camp, so we were kind of used to long days and still practicing at the end.

"Coach Pittman just tried to instill in us that some teams look at this like a disadvantage or a bad thing, but we're not going to let that happen. So, we just tried to go out and attack it like a regular practice.

"Both sides of the ball had a good day today."

The only player missing from Monday's practice was wide receiver Treylon Burks, who was also not in Saturday's scrimmage. Sam Pittman has declined to provide further details on Burks.