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What We Didn't Know Until After Week 4 of College Football

The first three weeks of each college football season lie to us so often it takes until the fourth week to know what we didn't know

Okay, nobody can honestly say that after the fourth game of the year Arkansas would be the third highest-rated team in the SEC.

You didn't know. Nobody really knew. I can guarantee you that was not among the things some of us dreamed possible.

The first three weeks of the season usually lie to us. There's that one game for every team that causes us to inflate or deflate our projections for the season.

And we end up completely wrong.

Arkansas is that way. Oh, there are fans that will tell you they thought the Razorbacks would be 4-0 right now. They were hoping.

The Hogs are the darlings of the college football world right now because Sam Pittman's has sold his approach to not just the players but everybody else, too.

Pittman thinks (rightfully so) his team has earned some respect.

"Someone will say Texas A&M ain’t any good because Arkansas beat them,” Pittman said. “Someone will say Texas ain’t any good because Arkansas beat them. I think both those teams are really good and Arkansas is a good football team, too."

He likes people not really giving the Hogs a lot of respect. He may think it gives the players a chip on their shoulder and he works to keep it there.

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Even national people are talking about how sudden the change has been.

"That fooled us all, you know?" CBS analyst Gary Danielson said earlier this week before his first chance to see the Hogs up close in the 20-10 win over Texas A&M.

Out of four games, the Hogs have played two good teams in Texas and the Aggies two weeks later. Both are probably pretty decent teams. The Longhorns have scored 58 and 70 points per game in two wins since.

But the Hogs made them look horrible in Week 2. Just like they took care of A&M this past weekend.

We know now this Arkansas team is over-achieving on the field every week. Defensive coordinator Barry Odom is confusing every one of these higher-ranked offensive geniuses he's faced.

On offense, a veteran offensive line knows what to do. It's also clear why Pittman sorta shrugged changing that position coach in the summer between spring practice and fall camp.

We didn't know what we didn't know, but now we're getting an idea. Pittman had an idea all along, but didn't want anybody around very much to figure it out.

"I don't lie to you," Pittman told the media after the A&M win. "I just don't tell you."

Now everybody knows Arkansas is a pretty good team.

But they have to keep winning.