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Film Gives Pittman Facts to Change Opinion

Everything in practice is taped, Sam Pittman watches it all and it has changed his original view.

For years us media types swarm coaches and players immediately after a practice to get their view of what just happened.

Then we act surprised when a couple of days later all of that changed.

Blame the film, not the people.

Just about everything is captured on multiple cameras these days. Players can't take plays off anymore and coaches see every little detail later.

"I watch every bit of everything," Sam Pittman said Wednesday afternoon. He's taking notes, too. "Coaches hate it when I come down with a bunch of notes."

The biggest news out of all that was he discovered quarterbacks KJ Jefferson and Malik Hornsby were more accurate than he was thinking.

"The accuracy was quite higher than I believed," he said. "I had an opinion about it then as I'm tallying up targets it was much, much higher than I thought it was."

Yes, digital video has changed everything. There are more cameras rolling these days at a practice than some movie sets ... even drones flying overhead.

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Coaches aren't so quick after a practice to commit much one way or the other. It works out both ways at various times.

"Your eyes can deceive you at times," Pittman said. "Your opinion can deceive you if you don't have facts that can back it up."

He paused and apparently he saw the same things others have talked about with Hornsby, who's misfired on a few passes, particularly in the spring game.

"I was concerned about Malik Hornsby's accuracy," Pittman said. "I'm not for sure that every one of you guys that have seen our practice are wondering where our accuracy is going to be."

Yeah, Sam, we were talking about that and not just with Hornsby. The only thing consistent in the limited availability the media has had in fall camp was the inconsistency of the quarterbacks at times.

"I was concerned at one point about KJ's accuracy," he said. "But then every night I watch tape."

That's when he discovered that, well, maybe it wasn't as bad as his eyes were telling him.

Fans are hoping the film is right.