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Wild Third Quarter Puts Arkansas In Trouble vs. Auburn

When the problems cropped up? In the third quarter with a Hogs fumble.

The No. 17 football program in the AP poll entering the weekend is Arkansas - but the Razorbacks, playing Auburn today, are teetering toward fumbling away that flattering status.

Arkansas cut Auburn's lead to 14-10 just before halftime, and then the home-standing Razorbacks opened the second half with a touchdown drive to take their first lead of the day. 

But that's when the problems cropped up.

On the Razorbacks' next possession, quarterback K.J. Jefferson ...

Was sacked.

And fumbled.

In his own end zone ... with Auburn recovering the loose ball for a "free'' touchdown.

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The two teams exchanged scores over the course of the rest of the quarter, but now, with three minutes left in the game, Auburn was holding on to a 31-23 lead. ... but has now in the final minutes added another score to make it 38-23.

Arkansas climbed to No. 8 in the polls a couple of weeks and has been sliding since then.

They were looking to turn that slide around Saturday morning in this homecoming game in Fayetteville and, for the first time in years, the Razorbacks were the ranked team.

The Auburn QB Bo Nix hasn't been horrendous, but he also hasn't been a superstar offensively. While he only has one interception on the season entering this game, he also has struggled with his consistency passing.

So far this season, coming into Saturday, Nix had a 57.8 completion rating. He had yet to throw for over 300 yards in a game and roughly averaged 6.7 yards per pass. His offensive line also hasn't done the best job protecting,

But here, led by Nix, the Auburn lead is secure.

The Arkansas' ranking ... is not.