Could Adding Returning Seniors Be An Added Boost For the Eagles?

A.J. Black

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Earlier in the week the NCAA ruled that spring athletes could gain an extra year of eligibility. For Boston College baseball, and other programs around the country they also earned the ability to keep those seniors and not have it impact their scholarship count. This could allow a team to have extra players, while allowing seniors one more year, which could improve the depth of a team like Boston College.

However, there are two factors to consider when previewing the year ahead. The decision to give financial aid, either complete or partial is up to the school. Boston College, which has been impacted financially COVID-19 could decide to not give athletic scholarships to these students. The other factor could be the students themselves. Some may decide that they want to move on with their lives, whether in the minor league system, or in a career that is not baseball.

Here are the seniors who could theoretically return to the Eagles in 2021. 

Brian Dempsey (SS): Hit .339 with 1 home run and 14 RBIS in 2020.

Jack Cunningham (1B/OF) Hit .424 with 2 home runs and 13 RBIs in 2020. Hit nine home runs for the Eagles in 2019 with 35 RBIs. 

Dante Baldelli (OF) Hit .255 with five stolen bases in 2020.

Joe Suozzi (OF): Hit .424 with 14 runs and 16 RBIS in 2020. Hit .282 in 2019 with 30 runs. 

Jake Goodreau (C): Appeared in two games this season, hit .200 in 20 games in 2019

Jacob Yish (OF): Appeared in three games, started none, hit .500 off the bench. 

An interesting note, there are no senior pitchers on Boston College. Based off the list above, there are four everyday starters who could return in 2021, all of whom were very productive in their shortened 2020 season.

If the MLB holds their draft as planned, it is going to be abbreviated with only five rounds. There is a possibility that all of Boston College's draft eligible players will not be drafted. While programs like Clemson, Louisville, and FSU, with loaded rosters, may have some of their elite talent poached.  

While many other teams will have this added benefit of an extra year, a team like Boston College that is built on developing players could see an added boost. They will be able to theoretically add four extra every day players to their lineup, all of whom were having great years in 2020. If all four return this could make the Eagles an exciting team to watch in 2021. 

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Hard to imagine that many kids come back to school for a 5th year unless they are on a big scholarship (which isn’t very common in baseball). I can only see this making financial sense for kids that are likely top 10 round picks next year.