BC Lands USC Transfer Derryck Thornton

A.J. Black

Boston College basketball needed a shot in the arm, and it looks like they are going to get as USC transfer Derryck Thornton has committed to transfer to the Eagles according to Jon Rothstein

Thornton was a five star point guard coming out of high school who originally committed to Duke where he played as a freshman averaging 7.7 points per game, while 2.5 assists and almost a steal a game. He transferred to USC where he played in 17-18 averaging just 3.3 points per game, but his PPG sky returned to his Duke average, hitting 7.7 points per game last season. 

ESPN and Rothstein both think this is a big deal for the Eagles who landed the guard over Gonzaga. Earlier this offseason ESPN said that Thornton  "can provide a starting point guard to a number of teams in need".  Also Gonzaga reporters said out of HS that "he was lauded as being a creator and a high-level athlete", but on the other hand "he also can be a bit out of control on the court at times. He averaged two turnovers per game last season and scouts have said that this is something he desperately needs to work on."

His three point shooting is not ideal, as he shot 28% from beyond the arc. But in the end BC is getting a high upside player, someone who can create plays and given the right system could flourish. Let's see what he can do for Jim Christian and his crew.  

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Wow big W for JC. Hopefully he gives the staff the ability to give him 25-30 minutes a night with Heath taking the rest.