Jim Christian To Remain Boston College Head Coach in 2020-21

A.J. Black

Boston College head coach Jim Christian will remain with the program into the 2020-21 season per a BC Bulletin source. 

Christian, will enter his seventh season with the Eagles where has only amassed a record of 75-119 (38.7%). In his previous six seasons with Boston College he has only made post season play once, when the Eagles reached the NIT in 2017 and lost to Western Kentucky in the first round. He had two seasons (2015/16, 2016/17), where his Eagles went a combined 2-34 in conference, and has topped out at seven games which he did twice (this past season and 2017-18). 

This previous season, Christian was marred with inconsistent results throughout the year. He started the year off with some nice wins, but then struggled mightily as the Eagles lost out of conference games to Belmont, Northwestern, DePaul, St. Louis and Richmond. He was able to lift them out of that slump with some key ACC wins, but the season slipped out of control when they finished the year losing seven out of their last eight games that culminated with a 80-58 drubbing in the ACC tournament at the hands of Notre Dame. 

There will be a lot of speculation and mixed feelings regarding Christian's retainment. Many will point to the results on the court and lack of progress. But it is also important to note that no Power Five program has made a coaching change since the outbreak of COVID-19. Pete Thamel of Yahoo! reported earlier today that the virus which has caused an economic collapse in the United States will inevitably impact college sports as well. Schools are focusing on supporting their athletes academically, emotionally and otherwise at this time with what resources they still have. 

On top of that, consider if BC were to fire Christian. With social distancing being enforced, getting a coach to come on campus to interview would be near impossible. Hiring a coach is a two way street, and Boston College would need to sell the coach on the school. This would be very tricky if it was only through Google Meet or Zoom. While BC could technically wait until the outbreak dies down, what attractive coach is going to wait until June-August to leave their program and jump to BC?

Next season Christian will get possibly his best crack at finally making the first NCAA tournament of his Boston College career. He will return Wynston Tabbs to go along with Jay Heath, Steffon Mitchell and CJ Felder. In addition he will be adding transfer Makai Ashton Langford, Demarr Langford and Justin Vander Baan. Christian and his staff have been active in the transfer pool as well, contacting rebounders and bigs to round out his roster which recently lost Chris Herren Jr and Jairus Hamilton. 

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2020 Season Roster: Wynston Tabbs, Jay Heath, Rich Kelly, Makai Ashton-Langford, Demarr Langford, Julian Rishwain, Jonathan Noel, Sam Holtze at Guard, Steffon Mitchell, CJ Felder, Justin Vander Baan, Luka Kraljevic, Kamari Williams, Andrew Kenny, Will Jackowitz at Forward/Wing, then I think they have 2-3 Scholarship Spots Open, and plus any other transfers who come in


Some numbers. Attendance in 2019 - 5243. Capacity - 8606. Avg empty seats - 3369. Avg ticket - $19. Per game lost ticket rev - $64,011. Season lost rev - $1,152,198. Avg fan concession - $9. Per game lost concession - $30321. Season lost concession - $545,778.


The no dirt flying for a new 🏀 facility tells you all you need to know.

Cheap & Lazy, thy name is Boston College.

No matter what the record next year, no BC tourney wins for 15 years, or 7 with JC, with no dedicated practice site, there is no there there.

Built in perpetual off-ramp permanent excuse.

“Well, JC still has no dedicated practice facility!”

You can hear Sean McDonough or Dan Dakich next March with dual Shakespearean soliloquy’s, into the breach to save JC!

Firing JC, if no big men transfers come through this next season, or even being competitive, or even a winning season is still a very small possibility, and this is still a jigsaw puzzle of low end ACC talent and this staff has not put anything together defensively or offensively in 6 yrs.

JC has one more year through 2022.

Time for a long term extension?

It’s the BC motus operandi?


75-119 (.387%), 44 Games Under .500%, 25-85 in ACC Conference Play (.227%) since 2014, plus NO basketball specific facilities, low pay to coaching staff, no Tier 1/Tier A or Tier 2/Tier B names want to play at BC, until they decide to do things differently then its status quo the next 1-2 seasons .....


If we hired a legacy no sales pitch on campus would be required


Not good news at all. And that roster won’t win many ACC games.Mitchell might be the best player on team and he’d be an eighth man on most ACC teams


This is definitively not the news most fans wanted to hear but a cool head will also concede that this is a very surreal situation and in all of the uncertainty a bit of stability will probably benefit BC. Retaining some promising current roster kids and a few top incoming transfers and recruits is very important for us too. Further, our staff has previously brought in many of the top available Grad Transfers in the past years even when challenged by bigger programs. So let the chips fall in place before we judge.


2020 Season Roster: Jordan Vander Baan, Wynston Tabbs, Jay Heath, Steffon Mitchell, Demarr Langford, Makai Ashton-Langford, CJ Felder, Julian Rishwain, Luka Kraljevic, Kamari Williams, Andrew Kenny, Jonathan Noel, Sam Holtze, Will Jackowitz, plus any other transfer


Add this content to your December 2nd Hafley will be the new Head Coach prediction hours after Daz was fired.


Read & understand the GENIUS ANALYSIS!


Mar 21, 2020

Jim Christian

Here is where I am:

My 3-15 “Humble Genius Prediction"= is now suspended” by the country shutdown:

The window to remove JC and hire a new Basketball coach after this pandemic passes may be too short to make a move with the current country mood and/or BC atmosphere may be one of a more kinder & gentler approach.

After this long lockdown>

“It’s just college athletics, grad rates, etc, and JC is signed through 2022, and let’s just wait a year etc!” .....might be the BC Athletic Dept. Mantra.

I now expect my previous 3-15 Community Section pick for new Coach to be floating in the unknown twilight zone.

Add in the possible huge impact of the two ESPN National TV Notre Dame final game long direct soliloquy’s or pleas by McDonough and Dakich about how JC deserved his job and the no Practice Facility, budget issues, and his prior career, which now combined with this National pandemic, might have just extended JC for one more season.

BC has never broke ground on a new Hoops Practice Facility and it appears no dirt is flying this spring and most of the cash has been raised?

Very, very unlikely now JC is terminated and my New Coach list is hereby declared temporarily suspended & moot.