Locked on Boston College: The Big Men's Basketball Preview

A.J. Black

BC men's basketball tips off in just under a week and our daily podcast Locked on Boston College is breaking down the upcoming season. In today's episode we review the 2019 season, and some of the takeaways from a disappointing year. We look at the players that left, and what that means to the roster development. 

On top of that we also discuss a very busy offseason that included bringing in four grad transfers, two freshman and one transfer who sat out last season. We look at all of these players and discuss what their role could be with the team. Also talk about Makai Ashton Langford, and ponder what he could provide to this roster.

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Finally we talk about the upcoming schedule. We look at a hellacious out of conference schedule and talk about why this might not have been the best idea for this Eagles squad, and look at what Jim Christian needs to do to save his job. It's a jam packed episode you won't want to miss! 

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Mailbag Time!: Because we are now in a double bye week Locked on Boston College will be doing a view mailbag section later on in the week. If you have a question, comment or thought you would like the hosts to discuss on the air, leave it in the comment section or DM us on Twitter @LockedonBC. We would love to know your thoughts, or answer your questions.

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Comments (8)
No. 1-3

It is depressing - in a competitive sense - to even see Jim Christian at this point. You could wire me to the electric chair and hit me with 10,000 volts, and I wouldn’t register one ounce of excitement or energy about this program.


I guessing the bar is very low & why still no dirt flying for the dedicated Hoops facility in the #2 generator of College Athletics Revenue in Hoops??

Jim signed through 2021-2022.

With BC you never know, extending clowns like SpazDaz, and not Jags?

Video of women's softball team might be replayed by our Hoops teams if we had Notre Dame Swarbrick type of Leadership!




Jim Christian got the #CoronaHalo reprieve last year.

My guess is with all these guys, I count around 17+, he should go...........


two full squads of the best 10 guys and.....


Nolan Richardson 40 minutes of Hell....

Press run and score!