ACC Finalizing Schedule: Questions For Boston College

A.J. Black

The ACC has already released the matchups for the upcoming 2020 season, which came out last week. The 10+1 schedule was announced earlier in July, making the conference one of the few that would play more than ten games, and includes a non ACC team. Today at 9am Boston College and the rest of the conference will learn the dates of each matchup, including who their out of conference foe will be. 

With the schedule being released today, we will have instant analysis on Boston College's draw on the site. But for now, let's look at some of the questions we have already about the Eagles schedule.

First off, the out of conference game. Given the difficulty of the schedule, the Eagles will hopefully have an easier game to help them tune up for the season. From sources I have talked to, it probably won't be UMass, and obviously it won't be UConn. Given their existing contract, look for Ohio to still be on the schedule, and be that team. But that is certainly still a question we all want answered.

The next question, has to do with the "playoff contenders". Boston College has Clemson and Notre Dame on the schedule. The last thing the Eagles would want is to have either in the first or second game. Even if they are scheduled for two out of three games later in the season, that would be better than facing either in September.  This would give the Eagles more of a chance to gel and prepare for two Top 10 matchups under new coach Jeff Hafley. The optimum schedule would have one game in October (Clemson) and the other in November (Notre Dame).

Also, who will be the opener? Ohio, or the out of conference game, would be the top choice, but a game against Georgia Tech or Syracuse, the originally scheduled opener, would be fine as well. Again, best option would be a game that allows the team to get their feet wet without getting thrown to a top team. 

Will they move the Orange to a "rivalry" weekend? 

Finally, will the ACC do what they normally do to the Eagles and front load the home games and force them on the road for most of late October and November? Or will this season have the six home games spread evenly over the three months.

Stay tuned, we will get these answers and more in just a few hours.

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Game advantages aside I’ve generally enjoyed the front-loaded home schedule. All the hot Saturday afternoons in September are a nice end of summer experience.

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A.J. Black
A.J. Black


Got a feeling those nice warm days will be enjoyed from home. Probably no home attendance, already none for Ohio game


I hate when the ACC front loads our home games. Clearly a bone thrown to the ACC blue bloods who don’t like traveling north to play in cold weather. Absurd advantage they’re given for no justifiable reason