Forecasting a Five Team Home and Home Schedule For Boston College

A.J. Black

As we discussed yesterday, it appears that the ACC has loads of options on the table in order to attempt to get a season of football in this fall. Joe Giglio of WRAL mentioned one of the options being talked about is a five game home and home series. If this were to happen that would give ACC teams eight games in 2020. With two major conferences already shutting down out of conference games, this type of schedule might be beneficial for the conference. 

For this discussion, let's look at this system and see how this would work in the ACC. Currently there are 14 full time teams in the conference, which means that they would have to add a team to even it out. This is where Notre Dame comes in to play. John Swofford has already said that he wants to help out the Irish if they need it, but I think it's important to note that the Irish probably won't be desperate as any conference might love to add them for just a year. Think of the Irish in the Big 12 or SEC, the interest would be huge. 

But for the sake of this post, let's pretend that Swofford does permit the Irish in for the year as a full time member. That gives the ACC 15 teams, and makes a five team home and home very easy to create. 

Group 1

Boston College
Notre Dame

Group 2
Virginia Tech
NC State

Group 3
Georgia Tech
Florida State
Wake Forest

By creating a home and home schedule like this, you can accomplish a few things. First off, travel would be much less for all groups involved. Clemson wouldn't have to travel to BC, and the Eagles wouldn't have to head to Tallahassee. 

Also the ACC can preserve some of the bigger matchups this way as well, with two games between rivals like FSU/Miami, VT/UVA, NC State/UNC and even a regional one like Syracuse/BC on the schedule. 

Not sure how they would do a conference champion out of this, but given the concerns over there being a season, that might be something to table until later. 

What do you think? Would this type of schedule work? What do you think Boston College's record would look like if they played it? Leave your thoughts and comments below! 

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I would rather see BC play their ACC schedule but eliminate FSU and Clemson and replace with Pitt and UVA. I would like The division to be BC, Cuse, Pitt, Louisville, VA, V-Tech and Wake. This also open up that BC would play 2 different teams from the other division each year. So we're not tied down like now to only one new tram plus V-Tech. I would create Northern and Southern divisions which I find more interesting. It puts many of the natural rivalries in the same division. Duke/UNC/NC-ST, Miami/FSU, Clemson/G-Tech, BC/Cuse/Pitt, VA/V-Tech, Wake/Louisville.


Wouldn’t this setup have 8 games per team? 4 opponents x 2 matchups each? Maybe there would be games against teams in other pods.

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A.J. Black
A.J. Black


You are right. Total brain fart.


I’ve been reading similar things elsewhere. I would imagine a 10 game season could happen starting with a double round robbin (8 games), then using those results to come up with some kind of championship playoff.