Addazio: AJ Dillon's Hands "Looked Great" In Passing Game

A.J. Black

One of the highlights from yesterday's win over Richmond was AJ Dillon's 52 yard receiving touchdown from Anthony Brown. After Addazio had David Bailey run the ball on three consecutive plays, Anthony Brown did a nice little bootleg play action and hit Dillon with a short pass, that the running back stretched for the touchdown. 

Before his injury last year we saw pieces of what Dillon could do in the passing game. He had a nice receiving touchdown against UMass, but unfortunately when he suffered a lower leg injury against Temple, Addazio had the offense move away from throwing to him. 

If BC can establish Dillon as a legitimate receiving threat, and I'm not talking about turning him into a back who gets 7 catches a game, just a few here and there will add a new wrinkle to this offense and keep defenses honest. That in turn will make Dillon's runs even more effective because defenses won't be able to stack 8-9-10 in the box. 

After yesterday's game head coach Steve Addazio talked about Dillon, and the passing game. In the selected video below you can also hear Addazio talk about his thoughts about the rest of the running back group.