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Observations of Boston College Offense in FSU Loss

How did the offense play on Saturday?

On Saturday, Boston College mounted a failed comeback attempt as their final drive was stalled by a very good FSU defense. The Eagles dropped the game 26-23 in heart breaking fashion. Here are some of our observations of the offense. 

* This was not a well called game at all. Heading into this game, the statistics showed three things about the FSU defense. 1) Their secondary was suspect at best, 2) they were very good against the run and 3) They had a ferocious pass rush led by Jermaine Johnson one of the premier rushers in the ACC. So how did BC start the game off? With runs, some incredibly slow to develop and deep pass plays that depended on the pass block being effective---which it wasn't. It was baffling. 

* Now, to the coaching staff's credit they mostly adjusted to this in the second half, and figured out how to get the offense going.

* The safety proved to be the play of the game. When FSU was bringing a ton of pressure, throwing a screen pass wasn't the worst idea. But against a speedy athletic team like the Seminoles, having Levy catch the ball in the end zone certainly was risky….and it ended up biting the Eagles. 

* The last drive will be one that many can, and probably should argue about. Boston College clearly went with a time sucking, slow march to try and get a score with very little time left on the clock. It didn't work. Should BC, who had scored on three straight drives, just kept the momentum going with the passing game, and let the defense (who had been making stops) try to end the game? 

* As easy as it is to just blame Frank Cignetti or the coaching staff, there were some execution issues on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive line had an atrocious first half, and FSU played much more physical in the trenches. Again, some of this was the play calling, but the line certainly did the Eagles no favors either. 


* Phil Jurkovec also showed that he certainly has some areas to improve upon too. First off, he has to be more careful with the football, again he took some hits that looked like it would have knocked him out of the game. In certain situations it doesn't hurt to slide. Secondly, he has to be able to take the short and underneath stuff when it's there. Too often he's looking for the deep bombs to Zay Flowers, and that lets pressure get to him. 

* Don't have the statistics in front of me, but would love to see how many solid runs (6-9 yards) are immediately followed by a run for loss. Seems to happen quite a bit. 

* Where was Trae Barry? The offense certainly looked like they could have used him.

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