Film Review: The Florida State Game (Powered By WePlayed)

A.J. Black

It's been almost a week since the Florida State Seminoles came to Alumni Stadium and defeated Boston College 38-31. Using WePlayed, I rewatched the game and here are my notes from the game. 

* Oh the missed opportunities. There were the two missed field goals of course, and whatever that two minute drill was at the end of the half. But there were other moments, when Andrew Strater couldn't fall on a fumble, or two dropped passes in three plays. 

* Whatever the coverage scheme was for covering Tamorrion Terry was terrible. Plain and simple. On his first two catches he was covered by: Joseph Sparacio, Max Richardson and what looked like Marcus Valdez? (It was hard to see). On his big touchdown catch safety Mehdi El-Attrach was sort of just wandering around in no mans land and didn't have enough time to get over to support Brandon Sebastian. And then in the fourth quarter he caught a cross when he wasn't guarded at all. Kind of mind blowing that they couldn't just have Brandon Sebastian stick to him and just chase him around the field. 

* The tackling. Oh the tackling. The first few quarters? It honestly wasn't that bad, they kept it all in front of them and prevented the big plays. But after half time it was almost comical how bad the tackling got. There was just so many examples of it. 

* Now the positives. Dennis Grosel is a baller, a gamer, a winner. Whatever you want to call him. He was a magician on third down, and just made play after play after play. His one big error, the interception was because BC was playing from so far behind he had to throw the ball. I'm not ready to say it yet, but it's getting close, he may be a better fit for Steve Addazio's system than Anthony Brown  (if Addazio returns in 2020).

* Zay Flowers was completely off in this game. His runs were ineffective and had two drops in the game. 

* People have been wondering how David Bailey got hurt. It looks like this play.