Monday Practice Report: Hafley on Testing, #WeWantToPlay, and More

A.J. Black

With reports coming of the college football season falling into limbo, head coach Jeff Hafley can only control what he can. While other programs cite worries about COVID19 and the safety of their team Hafley told reporters “Our players feel safe. And our players want to play. My job is to coach them the best that I can, as hard as I can and make them feel as safe as they can. I have to follow the guidelines of our medical people. They're telling us we can practice and they're giving us the protocols to follow and we're doing it the best we can.”

Hafley has had to try and focus on the season ahead, because as a football coach that is all he can control. Whether it is Big Ten possibly calling off their season because of COVID-19 concerns, or players taking first steps in creating a union, the first year head coach continues to move ahead with practice, evaluating, and doing what he can to keep his team safe and healthy.

And in terms of protecting his team, his program continues to be in good shape. Hafley announced that the team did another round of COVID19 testing and the school had 164 players/staff tested, and 164 tests came back negative. 

“It's listening to the doctors and our medical staff and making sure we do everything the right way, which our players are,” Hafley said. “They are staying healthy and trying to be the best football team that we can be.”


Meanwhile various BC players went to Twitter to voice their support for the #wewanttoplay movement. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who appears to be the leader of the new group, went to Twitter to list the groups demands which includes: players right to opt out, improved medical care, a seat at the table of season discussions, and a right to organize as a group. The movement got immediate traction with players like Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, while also getting retweeted by president Donald Trump who also voiced his support.

Here are some examples from Twitter of BC players who made their voices heard:

Practice Notes :

* Jeff Hafley went out of his way to compliment his quarterback room, which he said has taken a huge step forward this summer. In particular he mentioned Sam Johnson who the he said threw a nice pass today in practice.

* Freshman wide receiver Taji Johnson is a name that has popped up over and over again during these practice reports. Had another big pass today from Jurkovec. 

* Zay Flowers was another name that has come up, according to the report he has formed a great connection on the field with Phil Jurkovec.

* The Eagles will be off tomorrow and take the field again on Wednesday.

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Is this one of the potentially one of the deepest WR rooms in a long time? Seems that way.


Assuming the plan is to redshirt Taji Johnson? Just because as good as he may be are there enough targets for him? I could be very wrong here.