Boston College Rookies In The NFL: Preseason Week One Viewers Guide

A.J. Black

The NFL really kicks off it's preseason season tonight with 11 games played across the country. With a bunch of Eagles drafted, and even more signed as undrafted free agents, there are a lot of players to look out for. Let's take a look at some of the games and who will be playing tonight. There of course will be loads of players who were from BC who have been drafted before, but they won't be listed before.

Patriots vs. Lions (7:30pm): Will Harris, safety, Ray Smith defensive tackle.  Harris, the third round draft pick will be in action tonight for the Lions. Harris could be fighting for a starting role on the team. Smith, another UDFA will be playing for his former position coach Paul Pasqualoni, could he find the magic needed to grab a roster spot?

Colts vs. Bills (7:00): Tommy Sweeney, tight end. Sweeney, a 7th round pick has moved his way all the way up to the starting role due to a variety of injuries above him on the depth chart. This will be a fascinating game to watch, because it could really solidify his role in the NFL and allow him to stick. 

Jets vs. Giants (7:00): Jeff Smith, wide receiver. Smith went undrafted this year, but has a lot of the attributes that make NFL team salivates. He's a dynamic playmaker in the right system, and with a team like the Jets that lack a lot of playmakers at WR he could find a home with a good preseason. 

Jaguars vs. Ravens (7:30) Connor Strachan linebacker. Michael Walker, wide receiver/returner. Both players suit up for the Jaguars, and it could be tough for the pair to find a spot on the team. Walker, however could be really fun to watch on kick/punt returns as he was dynamic last year for the Eagles. 

Browns vs. Redskins (7:30) Wyatt Ray, defensive end. Big year last year lined up across from Zach Allen, can he find his way on to the Browns roster?

Dolphins vs. Atlanta (7:30) Chris Lindstrom, Aaron Monteiro, offensive linemen. Hamp Cheevers cornerback It's a battle of former BC linemen as the first rounder (Lindstrom) battles Monteiro a OL who is going to need to battle to make a roster as he went UDFA this offseason. . Cheevers was originally signed along with Taj Amir Torres by the Titans, but both were cut from camp in May. He signed with Philadelphia a few weeks ago, and probably has his work cut out to make the team. 

LA Chargers vs. Arizona Cardinals (10:00) Zach Allen defensive end. Probably the player I am most looking forward to watching, Allen could be the steal of the NFL draft. He will have every opportunity to start for the Cards, and his journey to that role could start tonight. 

Friday Night

Bucs vs. Steelers: Lukas Denis, cornerback. Just a year removed from being one of the leagues most accomplished pass defenders, Denis went undrafted. Can he make the pro club this year?