Happy 4th of July From BC Bulletin!

A.J. Black

From all of us at BC Bulletin we want to wish you and your family a safe and happy July 4th. I'm currently in New Hampshire with family, who I have not seen since early March due to COVID19. We will have new content up on the site all weekend, so make sure to stop by, and if any breaking news happens we will be sure to report on that as well. 

In the meantime though:
Make sure to follow the BC Bulletin Facebook Page! Every weekday we put out exclusive content that you won't find on the site. Entitled "Morning Bulletin" it's more insider knowledge on the program, recruiting and more! And if you have already followed us, invite a friend, or two! 

Other Articles From the Week:

Jeff Hafley talks about supporting his athletes as they do social advocacy work in their community and on campus

Only one Boston College football player tested positive for COVID19 after returning to campus. 

After dropping UCLA and Cal-Berkeley will Under Armour be cutting ties with Boston College?

SI's Pat Forde reimagined college football conferences, and we analyzed his system

A trio of Boston College baseball players are entering Major League Baseball camp this year. 

Loads of BC football player previews are up. Make sure to check those out. Players we hit include Sam Johnson, and CJ Lewis. Great thing about the series is we have all the players already covered listed in the post. 

Question of the Week: What are you grilling for your 4th of July Cookout? What special cocktail or beer are you having at your place? 

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