Five Reasons BC Football Could Win More Than Seven Games This Year

A.J. Black

Boston College football has been trapped in a seven win vortex for five of the past six seasons. Could 2019 be the year head coach Steve Addazio finally breaks through and wins more than seven games? In today's video I look at five reasons this could happen. Did I get them right? 

Leave your thoughts below and go Eagles! 

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No. 1-1

Your podcast is BC MANTOWN required reading**. Great work while still having a day job!

(**Something I missed doing at BC 1970-1974, but catching up now!)

BC is 1-13 vs ND, FSU & Clemson in Daz's 6 yrs & need to win 2-3 to get ACC Title Game, hopefully Clemson & FSU. I hate all 3, win them all.

Under Daz, BC never won more than 4 ACC Reg. Seas. games & VT is a huge opener w 4 of next 6 at home all winnable. Could be a great 7-0 run going into Clemson. Last 5 Games of the year Gauntlet is BRUTAL.


1-Yup, Brown has to be accurate, make great decisions & take team to next level in Leadership. His stellar performance passing is the magic potion. Absolute Key.

2-Bajakian--Same post I have made for 10 straight years.

If Mike can't get a varied dynamic passing attack going on early downs with new formations and plays with deeper shots & curl patterns to WR's on first down & deeper seam passes to TE's, then BC will have trouble scoring.

Mike's play sequencing has to be much better than last 6 years of Steroid Turtle #POUNDDAZROCK!

3--Dillon being healthy and not overused** early in games so he can use huge power runs to seal close games late.

**See next:

4-Glines & Levy & rest of TE's & WR's. Use Ben Glines like the Patriots used Edelman and on early down. Then slip him deep later for some TD shots. Use both him and Levy early and often out of backfield, in slot, in motion, swing passes, wheel routes and flat passes with no blockers & let them run in open space.

5-Blitz more often on Defense and try blitzing 2 from same side & off both edges. You gotta get to the QB and pound him in today's pass happy NCAA.

I add a 6th!

6-Start building confidence in new FG kicker by letting him try a few +45 yard early shots.


74 Days till Kickoff!