Addazio Fired: Potential Targets For Coaching Search

A.J. Black

With Steve Addazio's tenure reportedly over at Boston College, we will be hearing lots of names over the next couple of weeks here are some targets Boston College could be going after

Don Brown - Defensive Coordinator - Michigan. An elite recruiter, and an elite defensive coordinator who was the genius behind some of Addazio's elite defenses including the 2015 version that was near the top in the nation. Drawback? His age, at 68 he would be on the very older end. 

Al Washington- Linebackers Coach - Ohio State. A fan favorite at Boston College, Washington has been quickly ascending the coaching ranks first at BC, then at Cincinnati and now at Ohio State with former Boston College OC Ryan Day. He would be a young, energetic, is an incredible recruiter, and coach of color which would all be pluses. The drawbacks? He hasn't been higher than a position coach

Jeff Hafley- Defensive Coordinator - Ohio State. With New Jersey roots and a connection to the area, Hafley could be an intriguing option for the Eagles. He has completely turned around the Ohio State defense into one of the best in the country and is connected again to Ryan Day. He wasn't at Ohio State at the same time as Martin Jarmond though. 

Joe Moorhead- Head Coach- Mississippi State. Once one of the top offensive minds in the country, he was a hot commodity just two years ago. This season he seemingly has fallen out of favor with Bulldogs fan, and rumor has it he wants to head back north. He has a Jesuit background, and like the others can recruit. The question remains though, would he leave MSU?

Luke Fickell- Head Coach - Cincinnati. Another option with ties to Martin Jarmond. He was a co/DC at Ohio State from 2012-16. The Bearcats have been very good on defense this year, but their offense leaves something to be desired. But BC could be a step up for the young head coach. 

And finally shot in the dark...

Chip Kelly - Head Coach- UCLA. There have been rumblings all weekend that Kelly and UCLA both mutually want to part. If BC is willing to open up the piggy banks and pay him he would immediately breath excitement into the program and bring an offensive mindset that would be the complete opposite of Addazio. Again, this is a long shot. 

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Don Brown is 64, not 68. I like the idea of Brown as head coach, with Washington as DC and head coach-in-waiting.


What about something like Don Brown as HC, bring Al Washington at a DC level? Al gets coordinator level experience as HC-in-waiting, familiar with Brown and his approach. Al slides into HC by 40 (4 years), maybe earlier. Two guys who can recruit the school and the region hard.


Five peoples I would love to see BC Target for their coaching search

  1. Luke Fickell, U of Cincy HC
  2. Mike Norvell, Memphis HC
  3. Bill Clark, UAB (Best Coaching candidate IMO)
  4. Jeff Monken, Army HC
  5. Billy Napier, Louisianna Lafayette

The official statement says that BC will initiate a National search. What that means is the list of candidates really depends on the search firm that AD Jarmond hired.

But, for conversations purposes, here are five additional names to put on the wish list:

  1. Mike Elko, Texas A&M
  2. Jeff Monken, Army
  3. Lance Leipold, Buffalo
  4. Pete Carmichael, New Orleans Saints
  5. Mike Reed, Clemson
Kenny A
Kenny A

Hmmmmm That's interesting Chip Kelly I did not know that