The Greatest BC Football Game Of All Time Tournament

A.J. Black

Boston College Football has been around for 126 years, dating back to 1893. Over that time the Eagles have had some epic match-ups, some great games, ones that have changed the landscape of college football and left BC fans elated. To kick off the launch of BC Maven, and to give us something fun to talk about this summer, we are going to run our first ever Greatest BC Football Game Ever Tournament. 

So how will this tournament work? Starting today I am going to open up the floor for nominations, all you have to do is to post in the comments below what games you want to see nominated. I will also take nominations via Instagram and Twitter. Depending on how many games we have nominated, we will then determine how large this tournament will be. I'll create a bracket, and we will go matchup by matchup until a winner is crowned

To save time, because these will probably be the first games that will be nominated the following games are already in:

* 1976 against Texas

* 1984 against Miami (Hail Flutie)

*  1985 Cotton Bowl against Houston

* 1993 against Notre Dame

* 2002 against Notre Dame

* 2007 against Virginia Tech

* 2014 against USC

I know I am probably missing quite a few older games, so this is where I need your help. Is there a game more current or older that you would like to see in this tournament. Was there a sneaky good game that could possibly upset a heavy hitter. LET ME HEAR ABOUT IT! Register to comment (it helps the site grow!), nominate your favorite game, and let's build a fun and raucous community that will make this event really something fun. 


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13 Great wins! WOW GREAT LIST!

Aside from Hail Flutie, beating #1 ND in South Bend w Gordon FG is my pick.


Bowl Games that are probably worth considering as well:

  • 1941 Sugar Bowl vs Tennessee. Capped of an undefeated season with a second half comeback to win arguably the most prestigious bowl we’ve ever won.
  • 1986 Hall of Fame Bowl vs Georgia. Drove the length of the field in the final two minutes to score the game winning touchdown.
  • 2005 Meineke Car Care Bowl vs Navy. Aponavicius FG as time expired.

Great topic. Other games to consider:

  • 1983 vs Alabama. Not sure it's the greatest game, but, it was played in a monsoon and power outage in Foxboro. BC 20, Alabama 13
  • 1984 vs. Alabama. In Birmingham...a revenge game for the Tide. BC comes back to shock Alabama 38-31. As I recall, big breakthrough game for Troy Stradford.
  • 1982 vs. Texas A&M. BC knocks off the Aggies 38-16 and proves it can win 'down there'.