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Don’t like the noon start, BC slept walked through game last year vs Purdue. Obviously they should be highly motivated this week after last weeks embarrassment but you never know. Also a lot of homecomings for this roster and that can be a big distraction

Have to get off to fast start, clearly this team (Daz entire era) are front running group. Adversity hits and they crumble. Never seen anything like it, starts at the top, not a lot of grit with this group. Nice kids though.

Brown needs big bounce back game from a individual standpoint. His body language last week in 2nd half was embarrassing for a 4th year college kid. Just embarrassing for anybody really. Going to have good games and bad games and that is sport, to give up and drop your head is not good response to a bad game. Hopefully he has some tougher inner grit and shows that.

Completely agree that offense should be deep throws to Zay, Kobay, TE up the middle, RB screens out of backfield and that is it. No more middle patterns, crossing routes etc. He can’t make those throws so stop asking him to, that’s coaching. He is good with deep ball and his TE in middle of field. Just ask him to make those throws. Coaches not helping him in my opinion. Also need to have him run more, he is talented runner let him get out and go. Was hopeful OC was going to play more to his strengths and instead based on last weeks continue to try to fit square peg in round hole.

Have a feeling after listening to Daz this week to media, though despite trying to sound positive he was clearly down. Don’t think he has confidence in group, specifically the defense and we are in for long year.

Rutgers 28. BC 24

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A.J. Black
A.J. Black


Losing to Rutgers would be an unmitigated disaster, I feel like Daz will do enough to win this week, but I'm guessing they don't cover the spread. I'll give my final predictions a little later.