A Look at the 2020 BYU Football Schedule Sans PAC-12 & Big Ten Opponents

Casey Lundquist

The outlook of the 2020 college football season has worsened over the last week. Today, news broke that the Big Ten is likely to play a conference-only schedule this fall:

The PAC-12 has been talking about a conference-only schedule coming on a few months now. If the PAC-12 and Big Ten cancel non-conference games, this is what BYU's remaining schedule would look like:

Week 1: BYU at Utah (Hypothetically Cancelled)

Cancelling this year's rivalry game would be especially disappointing for BYU fans. Hypothetically, this year represents BYU's best opportunity to win the rivalry game in years. The ball has not bounced BYU's way over the last ten years of the rivalry. This, in my opinion, would exemplify that trend.

Week 2: BYU vs Michigan State (Hypothetically Cancelled)

After waiting four years for a return game to Provo, BYU fans would miss out on the chance to watch the Spartans. 

Week 3: BYU at Arizona State (Hypothetically Cancelled)

Week 4: BYU at Minnesota (Hypothetically Cancelled)

Minnesota, in my opinion, is the best team on the schedule. BYU would miss out on an opportunity to play against a very good Minnesota team.

Week 5: BYU vs Utah State

You have to skip to week five on BYU's schedule to find the first opponent that doesn't belong to either the Big Ten or PAC-12. In this scenario, the Mountain West conference could follow the lead of other conferences and play a conference-only schedule. If the Mountain West kept the non-conference games that are scheduled, however, BYU's first game that was on the original schedule would be on October 2nd. BYU would need to find opponents for the first four weeks of the season.

Week 6: BYU vs Missouri

The SEC hasn't made any decisions regarding non-conference schedules. However, it's difficult to foresee a scenario where the SEC plays their non-conference games after the Big Ten and PAC-12 have cancelled their non-conference games. This game is scheduled for October 10. It's worth noting that Navy is looking for an opponent on October 10, that matchup could make sense for both schools. 

Week 7: BYU vs Houston

Week 8: BYU at Northern Illinois

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: BYU at Boise State

Week 11: BYU vs San Diego State

Week 12: BYU vs North Alabama

Week 13: BYU at Stanford (Hypothetically Cancelled)

It's hard for BYU to find P5 opponents in November. Cancelling this game would be disappointing.

BYU would likely need to turn to other independent schools to fill their schedule. Notre Dame is the team that every BYU fan wants to see in Provo. Who would you like to see on the schedule this fall if BYU is forced to recreate their 2020 schedule?

Would you rather see the season postponed until the Spring if it meant BYU could play their original 2020 schedule?

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Everything you say is true - Utah is currently on a different plane than BYU, both in recruiting and on the field. Utah would consider dropping BYU as an opponent, but they haven't (regardless of the reason). But that doesn't mean they can't be rivals. Plenty of schools have 'rivalries' which are lopsided. For every Ohio St/Michigan or Auburn/Alabama, there's a Georgia/Georgia Tech or Clemson/S. Carolina.

Colorado vs Colorado St is also a rivalry game, despite bridging the P5/G5 gap. Perhaps more importantly, while BYU may no longer be the biggest rival for Utah, Utah is still undoubtedly BYU's biggest rival. Writing on a Cougar site, from a Cougar perspective, it's absolutely a rivalry game.


Utah is not BYU's rival. First off Utah has a commanding lead 62-31-4 have won 9 straight. Utah and BYU are not playing for the same thing. Utah Pac12 Championship and National Championship. Not competing for many of the same players as seen from BYU's 80th recruiting classes. You can't be rivals if you (Utah) is forced to play BYU by BYUs alumn Greg Hughes when he was in the State of Utah legislature. Utah was moving on Greg Hughes told Utah he would remove State money from the other programs of the Universty if they did not play BYU. So how are they rivals. Utah has now scheduled teams like Florida Arkansas LSU Baylor and Houston where they recruit and not BYU.