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BYU Football Target Elia Migao Updates His Recruitment: Part One

Elia Migao on the potential of playing with his brother Enoka and the most important important factors in his decision.

Click here to watch the second half of this interview with Elia Migao.

Elia Migao is an Offensive Line prospect out of Temecula, California. Listed at 6'3 320 lbs., Migao has received offers from the likes of Oregon, Arizona State, Colorado, Nebraska, and Michigan State. Elia's brother, Enoka, is a 2021 Defensive End prospect who also holds a BYU offer. I had a chance to catch up with Elia and get an update on his recruitment.

On going through the recruiting process with his brother, Elia Said, "it's kind of nice having another person knowing what you're going through, with the process and talking to the coaches. We're able to counsel with each other any plans we have and it's always good to just talk about the future."

On the prospect of playing with his brother: "We actually do talk about it a lot. We always grew up wanting to play with each other...if that opportunity is there we are more than happy to take it. If our road's split, it just so happens to be."

Enoka and Elia have six offers in common: Arizona, Colorado, BYU, Michigan State, Nevada, and Utah State.

On the most important factors in his decision, Migao said, "Academics. I'm going to school first...if the school doesn't have my major or anything I'm really interested in then that's really going to weigh in [on my decision]."

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