BYU Football: Three Things to Know About the Troy Trojans

Casey Lundquist

BYU added the Troy Trojans to their 2020 schedule this morning. It will be the first time the two teams have faced each other on the gridiron. Here are three things you need to know about Troy when they travel to Provo on September 26th:

1. Offensive Coordinator

First and foremost, Troy's offensive coordinator is Ryan Pugh. Coach Pugh was the offensive line coach at BYU in 2018 before leaving to become the offensive coordinator at Troy. In his first season, Coach Pugh put together an offense that finished in the top 20 in total yards last season.

2. Volatile 2019 Offense, Bad 2019 Defense

Troy scored 34 points per game last year. However, they struggled to consistently score against better competition. Here were their scoring outputs last season:

vs Campell: 43

vs Southern Miss: 42

@ Akron:  35

vs Arkansas State: 43

@ Missouri: 10

vs South Alabama: 37

@ Georgia State: 33

@ Coastal Carolina: 35

vs Georgia Southern: 49

@ Texas State:@ 63

 @ Louisiana: 3 

vs Appalachian State: 13

The Troy defense struggled mightily in 2019 - they allowed 35 points per game.  The Trojans return 48% of their production on offense and 71% of their production on defense.

3. Troy vs P5 Teams

Troy has found success against P5 teams over the last few years. In 2018, they beat Nebraska 24-19. In 2017, they beat LSU 24-21. In 2016, they gave Clemson a scare losing 24-30. Clemson would go on to win the national championship that season.

Needless to say, Troy will not be intimidated when they walk through the tunnel at Lavell Edwards Stadium in September.

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Casey Lundquist
Casey Lundquist


Agreed, he has one of the toughest jobs in college football this summer.

I'll take almost any opponent in 2020...but it's fun when there are BYU connections. BYU should be able to put up a lot of points in this game.


I'm happy to have this game. I think they present an interesting opponent, much like Navy does. Here's hoping we can continue to add games and re-fill our schedule. Holmoe's really working hard at this. Kudos to him.