Cal Basketball Video: Mark Fox Demands 3 Things From His Players

Jake Curtis

New Cal basketball coach Mark Fox outlined the three things he will demand from his players, and, frankly, they are the things that virtually every new coach will mention at an introductory press conference.

“Three areas,” Fox said during Monday's introductory press conference. “I am going to demand that they are committed to their academic success.

“We’re going to demand a commitment to their athletic performance, because certainly we came here to win.

“And finally we’re going to demand a commitment to their citizenship. . . . how they continue to live and function within the laws of our society.”

That checked off the three important boxes. A coach certainly does not want to suggest he does not care about academics, especially at Ca.l.

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Secondly, he has to get the most out of his players to have success on the court. Afterall, Division I coaches are paid millions of dollars to win games. That’s the bottom line. And, of course, every coach wants his players to abide by the law. Frequent reports of players breaking the law reflects poorly on a coach, the program and the university. Too many police-blotter reports can leave a coach vulnerable to dismissal if his winning percentage is just so-so.

So every coach wants these three things; only the top coaches can get the point across to players so that they will fall in line with the directives.

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