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Cal Basketball: Players Say Mark Fox 'Honest With You,' Focuses on the Details

It seems clear there is a change from what the players experienced last year under Wyking Jones

New Cal coach Mark Fox will put his team on public display for the first time when the Bears play an exhibition game against St. Martin’s on Wednesday night at Haas Pavilion. And it will be interesting to see if there are any dramatic changes from last year’s squad.

Cal players Andre Kelly (on the left in the video above) and Jacobi Gordon talked initially about the excitement of playing against another team on Wednesday, but their more important comments focused on Fox’s coaching style later in the video.

“He’s a good guy; he’s really honest with you,” Kelly said. “If he think you can do more than you’re doing, he’ll tell you. You always know where you stand with him, and that’s good.”

How is he different from last year, under Wyking Jones?

“He’s different because he holds people a little more accountable,” Gordon said. “He’s real repetitive about the things we do. He’s enforcing his rules, his standards, the style of play that’s going to let us win.”

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Gordon suggests Mark Fox brings a more disciplined approach.

“He focuses on the little things,” Kelly said. “He has a saying he always says in practice: ‘When you understand the consequences of little things, you’ll understand there is no such thing as little things.’

“It could be as simple as where you post up, where you get the ball on a postup, or your footwork on a screen. He just focuses on the little details like that.”

NOTE: If the Cal campus is shut down on Wednesday because of a PG&E electrical-power shutout, Wednesday’s exhibition game might be canceled on moved to another site.