Cal Football Video: Bears Should Be Strong at Inside Linebacker Again

The two Eavans -- Weaver and Tattersall -- are among the players discussed,

Cal head coach Justin Weaver begins his discussion of his inside linebacker with Evan Weaver, who was one of the Pac-12's best linebackers last season and is expected to be at least as effective next season. He did nothing in the spring to discourage those expectations.

"Weav did a good job this spring," Wilcox said. "He looks lean; he's about 235 pounds. He's running good. I think he's taken the next step in terms of some of the things on the field he's working on, and also off the field."

Wilcox quickly glossed over some of the young player who are are still devloping, but he stopped when he came to Evan Tattersall, who will be a redshirt freshman next season.

"Evan has the physical tools to play that position, in terms of height, weight and speed. And now it's about consistency and finishing, the totality of the position.

"He was good high school running back. We had a camp, and I want to say he was one of the fastest guys at our camp if not the fastest guy. He's learning a lot, but he's got the tools. Now it's about going out there and developing the confidence and playing."

Evan Rambo did not partipate in spring because of injury, but he is a versaitle defender who would help if he is healthy after suffering multiple injuries in his career.

"Talented guy, very smart," Wilcox said.

The trick will be to adequately replace Jordan Kunaszyk, a first-team all-conference selection.

One inside linebacker who was not mentioned in this video is Kuony Deng, who is probably the most important addition on defense. Wilcox addresses Deng in an additional video that you can view here.