Cal Football Video: OL Coach Greatwood Discusses Not Getting Comfortable

Jake Curtis

For most positions on a football team, the coach wants to see players get comfortable with their position and their role. It's a little different on the offensive line, though.

Cal offensive line coach Steve Greatwood talks in the video about not wanting his offensive linemen to get too comfortable in one position. He plans to put them at different positions in the front five to spur their learning of all positions and to give the Bears some depth. If one lineman gets injured, he wants the fill-in to be one of his six best offensive lineman even if i he has to play a position that his not his best position.

Greatwood acknowledged that he is starting see where certain players fit on the offensive line, but he is not letting that get in the way of moving them around. He notes that with only 10 offensive linemen available during the spring, there is an immediate need to develop depth, especially at the tackle spot.

Greatwood is high on a lot of his offensive linemen and noted that Will Craig, who will be a sophomore in 2019, has the potential to be an All-American. Only time will tell on that, but Craig does have the raw athletic talent to be a star.