Cal Football Video: One-on-One Competition Forces Players to Stay Motivated

Jake Curtis

Cal coach Justin Wilcox notes in this video that there is one key method to keep players motivated through spring workouts: competition.

Players at the college level are not going to dog it when they are faced with going against a teammate in a drill. They are fighting for playing time, and slacking off during one-on-one drills won't help them get it. As Wilcox noted, if a player is not competitive enough to raise his game when needed he probably should not be out there.

Wilcox went to to say that the defensive backs never need encouragement, since they take the focus and competition to elite levels. That is probably because there are so many talented defensive backs vying for playing time.

Whether these defensive backs are competitive because they are so good or whether they are good because they are so competitive is probably a moot point. But the presence of Elijah Hicks, Jaylinn Hawkins, Traveon Beck, Cam Bynum and Ashtyn Davis as well as the addition of Penn State transfer Isaiah Humphries (who will not be eligible until 2020 but is participating in spring drills) gives the Cal secondary lots of opportunities for competition.

Wilcox no doubt wishes every position group would have the same level competitive energy. He also no doubt wishes the other position groups were as talented.

Wilcox mentioned in a previous video that the secondary is the group that has stood out in the spring.