Cal Football Video: Running Back Chris Brown Continues to Impress

Jake Curtis

Running back Christopher Brown Jr. continues to get compliments from the Cal coaching staff. He has been running with the first-team offense during the spring, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he will be the Bears' No. 1 tailback next season. Marcel Dancy and DeShawn Collins figure to get playing time as well, although Collins' practice in recent spring practices has been limited, persumably because of an injury.

However, the hope for a strong running game rest primarily with Brown. Offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin notes that Brown is getting better at making cuts and heading upfield, which, he says, is not easy for a 220-pound back. Brown is also improving some fundamental elements of being a pass receiver.

In general, Baldwin noted in the video that Brown is "making incredible strides."

During Wednesday's workout Brown showed his power by running over an established Cal defensive back, sending the defender to the ground.

That makes him different from Dancy, who is a smaller back who depends on shiftiness, while Collins is sort of combination of strength and quickness.

If Brown -- along with the offensive line -- can produce a reliable running game, it will make things a lot easier for the Bears' quarterback, whomever that may be. At this point it appears Chase Garbers is the leading candidate.