Cal Football Video: The Wit & Wisdom of Evan Weaver, Part 11 — The WSU Standoff

Jeff Faraudo

Cal senior linebacker Evan Weaver’s long-time girlfriend, Maddie, understands the game he plays.

Her father played football at Washington State, where Maddie currently is a student.

That creates some tense days for two, who have been together since their high school days, growing up in Spokane, Wash.

“She cheers for me to do well, is what she says, then she cheers for the Cougars to win," Weaver said. "But one of us has to be wrong, and I think it’s her.”

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Weaver got the last word in 2017.

“Washington State two years ago I had to do some bragging,” he said, referring to the Bears’ 37-3 home upset of the eighth-ranked Cougars, when Cal sacked WSU quarterback Luke Falk nine times and forced seven turnovers.

Maddie and the 10th-ranked Cougars got even last season with a 19-13 victory in Pullman Wash.

Cal and WSU meet this season on Nov. 9 at Berkeley.

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(Weaver named first-team All-American by Athlon.)