Cal Football Video: The Wit & Wisdom of Evan Weaver, Part 14 — Czar for a Day

Jeff Faraudo

In the final installment of our video series, “The Wit & Wisdom of Evan Weaver,” we put the Cal senior linebacker in charge of the NCAA for one day and ask what changes he would make.

His first answer is immediate:

“I’d like to pay players,” he said. “Especially in places where it’s high-income living, like here in Berkeley. It’s super-expensive to live. It’d be nice to have a few more dollars.”

Weaver says he’d allow players to make money off their own brand. “I have honestly no clue what would be wrong with that,” he said.

Weaver stressed “we obviously don’t do it for the money,” but he questioned the inequities of the current system.

“They say (pay) is going to come in the next few years, but we’ll see. Amateurism sounds so colonial to me.”

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And satisfying gender-equity requirements by paying both male and female athletes?

“I don’t think that would be hard, considering the NCAA makes billions of dollars.”

Another change he'd like to see, specific to football, would be to eliminate the targeting rule, which, among other things, penalizes players for making contact with the crown of the helmet or hitting a “defenseless opponent” above the shoulders.

“I mean, hitting’s really fun and hitting people really hard is even funner,” Weaver said. “At least simplify it, I guess. I feel like you just slap the dude in head and it’s going to be targeting.”