Cal Football Video: The Wit & Wisdom of Evan Weaver, Part 7 — On the Perfect LB

Weaver insists that a reddish complexion somehow translates to greater speed on the football field

Ask Evan Weaver a serious question at your own peril.

A year ago, he reported that his teammates agree he bears a striking resemblance to the animated movie superhero Mr. Incredible.

Then he proceeded to delivered a rather incredible season for the Bears, which has earned Weaver pre-season All-America honors this summer.

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Recently we asked him what qualities he would include if he could construct the perfect linebacker. Naturally, he proceeded to basically describe himself: 6-foot-3, 245 pounds, 4.6 seconds for the 40-yard dash, likes to talk.

In particular, Weaver stressed the importance of the red cheeks, which he claims add to a player’s speed.

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