Cal Football Video: The Wit & Wisdom of Evan Weaver, Part 8 -- Fall Surprises?

Jeff Faraudo

Nikko Remigio and Siulagisipai Fuimaono would seem to have little in common.

Remigio is a 5-foot-10, 175-pound (maybe) wide receiver from Orange County, California. Fuimaono is a 6-4, 320-pound nose guard from Okinawa, Japan.

But Evan Weaver is able to connect them: He says Remigio and Fuimaono will be the biggest surprise performers on the Cal offense and defensive, respectively, next season.

(Click here for Weaver's thoughts on what makes a perfect linebacker.)

Speaking on Remigio, "One of the quickest, fastest, most dynamic dudes I've ever had to guard or be opposed against," Weaver said. "You saw flashes of him last year. But when he gets the ball in his hands in open space, you better watch out."

On Sui, Weaver said, "Especially after Chris Palmer leaving, it's going to be tough to fill those shoes. But Sui is quicker than Chris and he's just about the same size. Super strong. Super good dude. Heady. And has a little nasty streak to him that you don't really see because he's kind of quiet."

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