Cal Football Video: Wilcox on Injured Players: 'Everybody Should Be Good to Go'

Jake Curtis

Cal's 23-17 victory over North Texas on Saturday ended with a lot of injury concerns for the Bears.

Starting running back Chris Brown Jr., starting outside linebackers Tevin Paul and Cameron Goode and reserve outside linebacker Ben Hawk Schrider (who plays a lot) all were unavailable for much of the second half with unspecified health concerns. Starting offensive tackle Valentino Daltoso missed the entire game with an injury.

Cal coach Justin Wilcox seldom discusses the health issues of players unless they are out for the season. None of the five players mentioned is lost for the season, and Wilcox suggested all will be ready to play on Saturday.

"Everybody should be good to go," Wilcox said Monday.

Wilcox hedged on that later in the video, though. When asked specifically whether all five would play against Mississippi, Wilcox said, "Probably too early to tell all that. The players get back, they're working with the trainers and doctors, and doctors and trainers tell us whether the guys are available or they're not."

Wilcox did not address whether backup quarterback Devon Modster would eligible to play against Mississippi, but he is expected to be available within he next few weeks, possibly against Mississippi.

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Ohio Bear
Ohio Bear

More importantly than us not being sure who will play, Ole Miss is not sure who will play!