Jake Curtis

Jake Curtis

After growing up in Bethlehem, Pa., I graduated from Princeton Univerity before embarking on what has become a 40-year sports writing career. I worked at several smaller papers before getting a job in the San Francisco Chronicle Sports Department. During my 27 years with the Chronicle I covered virtually every sport, but spent most of my time as a beat writer for Cal and Stanford football and basketball. I also represented the Chronicle while covering numerous Final Fours, several national championship college football games, an NBA Finals, world championship boxing matches and a World Cup. I am particuarly proud of a profile of enigmatic Giants outfielder Kevin Mitchell, a 1992 recounting from the players' perspective of "The Play" that took place in the 1982 Cal-Stanford football game, and the sad story of a former San Jose State quarterback stricken with brain cancer. Since leaving the Chronicle of my own accord, I have been freelancing for a number of media outlets, but this opportunity with Maven caught my attention. It is a way to fully explore Cal athletics and the varied stories that accompany college sports.



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