'20 Clemson Commit Bryan Bresee Highlights + Evaluation

Matt Solorio

Bryan Bresee is set to join fellow 5-star Demonte Capehart in South Carolina to wreak havoc on future ACC offensive lines. Bresee stands a solid 6'5, 290 pounds and can do things like this. 

The Maryland product has scary athleticism, the kind defensive line coaches dream about. Bresee is one of those guys that knew from a young age his place on a football team. As a junior last season, Bresee's 13 sacks and 34 tackles for loss in just nine games lead Damascus to an 11-1 record and earned him Maryland's Gatorade Players of the Year honors

When a recruit is as tall as Bresee, you often worry about their ability to balance. This should put those worries at ease...

Typically, a 290 pounder has no business spinning all over the place, especially when he doesn't even need to. But Bresee seems to be not only able to maintain control of himself throughout the spin, but his feet and hands are all doing the right things too. With the inside spin move, you want to step right, chop right, then plant and pivot, bringing your left elbow violently around and down to swipe residual hands. 

Even at the NFL level, somebody Bryan's size won't spin often at all. But hey, boundaries are meant to be broken. 

He's got it all. Twitch, Size, and Technique. He chases QB's down with the speed of a blitzing linebacker (see the 28th-second of his tape, it's ridiculous). 

Clemson is getting a Bentley Truck in Bresee's motor. All they have to do is tune him up and get out of his way. 

Bresee is one of the best high school recruits in recent memory. His speed and size combination even rivals that of All-Pro defensive playmaker Jadaveon Clowney. He may not be as fast, but he is just as twitchy and 40-50 pounds heavier than Clowney was in high school.