Clemson Recruiting: Two Wide Receivers to Watch

Brian Smith

Clemson already secured commitments from two very talented wide receivers. Could the Tigers accept the commitment of a third big wide receiver?

Sometimes a program will oversign at a particular position because the talent proves difficult to overlook. That’s a situation that Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and his coaching staff faces with wide receiver recruiting. Two specific players can be game changers, and the Tigers hold a chance to sign each prospect.

Emeka Egbuka, WR, 6-1, 190, Stellacoom (Wash.) High School

If you are seeking a prospect with the absolute total package -- incredible football player plus a 4.0 GPA -- then Egbuka checks off the boxes well. This next video signifies why he’s so coveted.

Egbuka explodes off the line, runs a crisp post route, passes the defensive back, adjusts to the overthrown pass, and makes a highlight one-handed catch.

Notice the length of Egbuka’s arms. He’s built more like a 6-4 wide receiver; as most people know, Clemson prefers long wide receivers anyway.

During this next play, it’s an out pattern combined with a go route, or an-out-and-up route as it’s sometimes called. Egbuka does not sell the out all that well because he rounds off the first portion of the route, but he’s so smooth and natural coming out of his breaks that it matters little. The ability to accelerate out of breaks is phenomenal for a long wide receiver.

The final Egbuka video displays his ability to stop and start, much like a jitterbug slot wide receiver. Remember, however, this young man is approaching 200-pounds. He’s already 190-pounds. Just pay attention to his feet.

Few wide receivers can do that. Perhaps Clemson would place Egbuka in the slot from time to time? He’s certainly capable. Due to all of Egbuka’s attributes combined, he’s the definition of the exception to the rule. If he wants to go to Clemson, the Tigers would have a difficult time saying no. As for recruiting, it’s probably going to be a long process.

Even if Egbuka called up the school of his choice and made a commitment, it probably would not matter. College coaches would still come by and call. With that, Washington, Stanford, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, and Oregon are just some of the schools going after Egbuka hard. Should Tigers fans expect Egbuka to take an official visit to Clemson?


Still, his recruitment should be considered fluid. There will be plenty of twists and turns before national signing day. Just know that Egbuka will be a player the Tigers go after hard, and practically every other program in the country will follow suit. There’s another possible wide receiver that also fits the mold of Egbuka, although he’s a little taller.

Agiye Hall, WR, 6-3, 190, Seffner (Fla.) / Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy

Until this current semester, whether it’s high school games or 7 on 7, Hall is almost automatic for a highlight reel catch. He’s adept at making defenders miss, much like Egbuka. What Hall does best, without question, would be running by defenders and making contested catches.

That particular play came against Lake High School, a defensive secondary with several Division I defensive backs. Hall’s speed and athleticism allowed him to get by the defender, and his wingspan helped to finalize the touchdown.

He’s also a player with really good hands, as this next catch will show. Even with an underthrown pass, Hall can make a play in the blink of an eye that changes a game. His hand-eye coordination is shown next.

Hall is one of those national recruits that many programs would love to land, and for good reason. He recently visited Clemson. Where do the Tigers stand? Hard to say. Much like Egbuka’s recruitment, Hall is a player that could make a decision later in the process. Programs like Oklahoma, LSU and Alabama could be Clemson’s prime competition. Time will tell.

Finally, would it be worth it for the Tigers to take yet another traditional wide receiver? They already took two. Beaux Collins and Dacari Collins are players Clemson fans should be happy about.

Now the Tigers need to land one more wide receiver. Whom will it be? For a reminder, here’s a look at Clemson’s slot wide receiver options, as this article was posted on Monday.

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