Etienne Weighs In on His Weight

Zach Lentz

Star running back Travis Etienne must've laid off the Popeyes this offseason as he actually lost weight. He entered fall camp at 199 pounds, after he played much of last year well over 200, even being listed at 210. 

But even though he is the slimmest version of himself since he arrived on campus, he is still expecting to pack on a few pounds before the season gets fully under way.

"Just getting back to what I feel most comfortable being able to be explosive. But fast as well and just, just getting back to my normal self where I feel like I'm the best in the field where I'm able to just run freely and just be able to play the game within a game and not not be focused on too many outside factors and just be able to be able to go out there play free."

"I will, see my body, my body weight fluctuate. So realistically, I'll probably do like 206 throughout the whole season, but it doesn't matter for me because 208 to 200 to 199. At those weights, I suppose I feel fine, so it doesn't matter. If like I'm within a 210 to 200 range I feel great. And it really doesn't bother me at all."

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