Jordan Williams Looking To Apply Lessons Learned From 2019 in 2020

Connor Watson

Clemson defensive lineman Jordan Williams is looking to turn 2019 into a positive in 2020.

The redshirt junior defensive tackle recorded 22 total tackles in 15 games, but he found himself playing behind an instant impact player in freshman Tyler Davis.

Even with the standout season from Davis, Williams was still able to receive valuable playing time last season to improve himself mentally and physically.

“Last year, I had to take on a different kind of role as more of a coach than a student of the game, essentially, and watch more...look at it from a different angle," Williams said. "Now that I was able to look at those things and adjust to it during last season, I'm able to play with more knowledge go into this spring and focus on the little things that I felt kept me from being a better player."

Williams is ready to make a name for himself this upcoming season. He's put his time in the weight room, film sessions, and just listening to defensive coordinator Brent Venables. 

"I'm just focusing a lot on the little things, the things I struggle with the most, and it's been something that I'm taking time to get used to," Williams said during spring practice. "But I'll just keep working at it each day and trying to get better at something different.”

That was before Clemson's spring practice season was cut short, but Williams felt like he was getting the kind of work that he needed.

The Clemson D-Line is one of the most prestigious positional groups in the nation, with several top-line recruits making their way to Tiger Town, but Williams sees his competition as a way to get better.

“It's the spring and I'm practicing, so it feels good to be able to get back to the technical things, as opposed to just getting in there and just nonstop, like how it is in camp,” Williams said. “It's going pretty good." 

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I really hope this Virus situation has been contained and we have a cfb season this year. Our Tigers will be ready to go and I think Williams will have a break out season. #Allin