Nolan Turner: We have to go out and prove ourselves because we haven't done anything

Zach Lentz

Safety Nolan Turner enters 2019 credited with 58 tackles (3.5 for loss), four passes broken up, a sack and an interception he returned 24 yards in 435 snaps over 28 career games.

The depth in the secondary:

"It's great to have that depth, have guys that you can trust back there that have been there, that can lead the young guys and help them learn what to do. And kind of carry them along with us. We got a big class that just came in as freshmen, a lot of early enrollees, guys that went though the spring and are doing a great job picking up on all of the install. It's tough. We come out here and we have a great offense, it's hard to prepare for these guys on top of all the things that were throwing at them on defense. So, they are really coming along. It's good to have those leaders to help them along."

On increased playing time last season:

"The more you play, the more confidence you build and just the better you get at something. The more reps you get at something the better you get at it, the more practice, the preparation and everything. Just being out there more you really reap the reward for all of the hard work. So, we come out here, we practice and iron sharpens iron. We got one of the best offenses, the best offense in the country and going against those guys makes game day easy."

Pacing yourself in camp:

"Camp's tough, so you just go day-by-day, hour-by-hour, practice-by-practice and you can't think ahead. You just gotta be there where your feet are. That's the mentality that I have when I'm out here in practice. Really just gotta focus on where you are at this time. You can't look ahead to game day because game day's coming in three weeks—it will be here before you know it. But we just have to go day-by-day in camp."

Avoiding complacency:

"I'd say that everybody wants to be great. You can't sit there and think back on the mountaintops that we've been on, the championship games that we've played in. We restart every year when we get back into camp. We have a new team. This team hasn't done anything, haven't won any games, haven't made any plays, we're at 0-0. So, that's our mindset going into this season, this camp. We have to go out and prove ourselves because we haven't done anything."

On how winning championship changes mindset:

"You know it's just it's great. Just you know getting up reward for all the hard work you put in throughout the season. All the time that we put in all the practice and I think a lot of guys that we have on this team and came back. You know, I think we got the 40 juniors and seniors on this team and I've been there and they've been playing in those big games I've been in the playoffs for three or four times, so I think we gotta