Scott see's a lot of positives, but too many mistakes; with video

Zach Lentz

CLEMSON—Clemson co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Jeff Scott was incredibly encouraged by what he saw out the offense in the Tigers' first scrimmage Saturday,

But even with a multitude of big plays, the Tiger offense was still a little too inconsistent for his liking. The good news is Saturday was only a scrimmage and they still have 19 more days before they take the field for their first game.

"A lot of positives, a lot of big plays, but then just not the consistent execution that it's going to take for us to play to our standard and be where we want to be," Scott said. "The good news is, we're only about a week into camp. So there's a lot that we'll learn from in this video and I really like the guys attitudes and mindsets. They have been willing to work. You just have to through what we went through today and have some film to study and learn from to get better.

Most Impressive Play:

"There were a couple. I would say the deep shot, a one-play touchdown on our second drive from Trevor to Tee that was kind of a timing shot play and the ball has to be just at the right spot at exactly the time the wideout is. Something that we've really been working one. So that was executed very well, the offensive line did a really good job giving protection because it took a little bit longer. That definitely stood out and really got it going there for drives two, three, four to lead to some touchdowns. Then after that, it was just a little bit hit and miss, not consistent enough to where we want to be."

Offensive line:

"It's tough, I'm watching wideouts and quarterbacks, so we'll go back as a staff and really watch it. I thought there was times that we did a good job in protection, a good job in blocking, but overall too many sacks, TFLs (tackles-for-loss). We play a lot of guys. There's 15, 16 offensive lineman up there and Coach Swinney does a good job of really mixing the groups up, offensively and defensively. So, it's really hard without watching the video to know exactly where those sacks and TFLs came from. Also, they include the running backs, tight ends, wideouts—there's a lot that goes into it. Overall, not consistent enough for me."

Jaelyn Lay:

"I tell you what, Jaelyn has been much improved from the spring. That was something I was interested to see how hard he worked this summer. Really I think for the first five or six days, he showed a lot of improvement catching the ball—which is something that we really challenged him. He's been banged up a little bit, hadn't been able to practice the last couple of days, but I would say he's off to a good start and really improved from where he left this spring."

Wide Receivers:

"We've been shuffling guys around, but I think Diondre has been as good as any wideout in the first eight practices. He is really confident. He's playing fast. He does a really good job in the slot and did a really good job today in a few important things.

"Cornell Powell is a guy that made a couple of big plays today. He's a guy that has really stood up. Tee and Ross continue to work and get better. Joseph Ngata is a guy that had a good day today—he's continuing to get better. He's a guy that we've kind of moved around from the boundary position and the field position, he's done a pretty good job picking that up.

"Frank has done a really good job. He was banged up and not able to go today, but he's made some plays as well. But I've been pleased overall with the group, and today made made some big plays. Had one or two drops that really would have made it a great day for our group."

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I would put money on Overton having a big year especially if Amari does't come back until late in the season.