Zach Lentz

Trevor Lawrence Becoming More Comfortable With His Newfound Fame

“I do feel older in the sense of where I am, I feel like I have experienced a lot,” Lawrence says. “But no, I can remember clearly just a few years ago being in their shoes. I am not that much older, it wasn't too long ago.”

"Because of his newfound fame, Lawrence is hyper-aware of everything he does and says. When I asked to interview him as he led his group off the field, he asked me what I planned to ask him before he agreed to talk. He knows the NFL has its eye on him and that he’s being closely watched. During the time I stood watching him coach one practice session, an NFL exec looked on, Cooper Manning parked his golf cart near Lawrence’s field and Jim Nagy, the director of the senior bowl and a well-connected former scout, also watched the quarterback.

"Lawrence knows the expectations for his sophomore season are impossibly high, so he purposely avoids reading most of what is written about him. He said he doesn’t feel the pressure or weight of those expectations, but is of course, wants to build off his freshman season and be even better."